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Összes vélemények Véleményírás I want to share my experience with Slesaka tea for joints. I worked in Norway on mountains and was carrying food, sometimes 50kg.

az ayurvéda szerint a magas vérnyomás oka

My joints were aching. I drank cups a day, the pain was gone.

az ayurvéda szerint a magas vérnyomás oka

I have been drinking it now for 7 years. Elkerült a megfázás, köhögés.

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Lukáš Kumprecht, Praha Dear Sirs, my father applies therapy with Your diabetes tea, and results are very, very good 3,8. Thank You. Miladinovic I commend you for your holistic products and your newly created website which you have so nicely put together. Your products appear to be quite sound, healthy and most certainly beneficial, as I have used some of them in the past myself.

I feel that it is always a great and honourable thing to see my fellow humans, trying their utmost to serve their brothers and sisters, with the very best products, in order to enhance or benefit health.

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My gratitude to you for creating such a high standard of excellence here and I look forward to visiting again soon. I was almost desperate, each second day without sleep.

Ashwagandha worked immediately and helped me very much.

az ayurvéda szerint a magas vérnyomás oka

It was more effective than calming pills! Michal O.

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Your teas are excellent and work amazingly well! Shamita Achenbach, member of Wienna symphony orchestra Jó napot kívánok! Üdvözlettel, Jeřábková M.

az ayurvéda szerint a magas vérnyomás oka

Thank you. I work at a university hospital.

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Thanks to Everest Ayurveda company I had the opportunity to see or to hear of almost miraculous effects that your herb mixtures may have in some cases. Marie Mášková Jó napot kívánok! Ilyen hosszú és majdhogynem zavartalan alvásra már régen nem ascoril hipertónia.